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Fallout TV series sparks renewed interest in video game franchise

The success of Amazon Prime Video's Fallout TV series has seemingly transferred to the game franchise.
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Amazon Prime Video’s Fallout TV series debuted to rave reviews in mid-April 2024, and it seems this reception is now buoying interest in the Fallout source material: the beloved video game series. As recently noted by SteamDB, interest in the Fallout games has more than doubled over the last week, with the concurrent player count for every game rising.

Fallout: New Vegas is getting a fair share of the love, recording over 10,000 concurrent players in the last few days, and Fallout 76 is also seeing a jump – to nearly 30,000 concurrent players. By far the biggest winner of the renewed interest in Fallout is the last mainline series release, Fallout 4. Nearly 60,000 individual players are concurrently hopping into the game as of 14 April, with the number climbing steadily since the launch of the Prime Video show.

It’s fair to assume the player count is comprised of both new and returning players. Steam currently has the Fallout series going very cheap – Fallout 4 is just AUD $6.23 – so the bar for entry is fairly low. It’s also a spot of very clever marketing, as there’s been a raft of chatter and enthusiasm about Fallout that has driven this engagement.

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Anyone who’s been around social media over the last week will likely know online conversations around Fallout have also increased, and there’s notably been a spike in interest for Fallout 76. Primarily, conversations revolve around the quality of the game, and whether it delivers a worthwhile experience for those looking to jump into the wasteland – for the first time, or otherwise.

Is Fallout 76 good now?

“Is Fallout 76 good now?” appears to be a reoccurring question online. When the game first launched, there was much dialogue about its quality, and how it encapsulated the Fallout experience. Some called it empty, and lamented its potential. Many abandoned the game in its early weeks.

Since then, Bethesda Game Studios has been hard at work improving the game, adding in meaty updates to address fan criticism. While there will always be naysayers, the common feeling amongst players is that Fallout 76 is now in excellent shape. By nature, it differs from the mainline Fallout games, but that’s no bad thing.

Fallout 76 is a unique, quirky adventure, and one positively brimming with cool ideas – most notably in its presentation of creepy cryptids and monsters, and the way it reveals more about life in Appalachia in the post-apocalypse.

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Anyone looking for a taste in Fallout in the long, long lead-up to the next mainline Fallout game should certainly give Fallout 76 a chance. Given it’s available on Steam for around AUD $10.99 at the moment, there’s not really much to lose. Based on the rising concurrent player count for the game on PC, you also won’t be alone in your next foray.

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