Fallout TV Series – Review Roundup

Here's what the critics are saying about Prime Video's Fallout adaptation.
fallout tv show review

Amazon Prime Video’s Fallout adaptation has launched to strong critical acclaim, with reviewers calling it the next great video game adaptation. So far, it’s achieved rave reviews across the board, with praise heaped on its writing and humour, its striking tone, its pop art visuals, and its primary cast.

Given the difficult nature of adapting video games, and the rocky history of existing adaptations, there was plenty of doubt ahead of Fallout‘s release – but by all accounts, it appears the show’s writers and directors have pulled it off.

Here’s what the critics are saying about the Fallout TV series.

IGN – 9/10

Writing for IGN, critic Matt Purslow called Fallout an “all-time great” with particular reverence for its black comedy tone, excellent writing, and its production design. Purslow was very impressed by the show’s sets and visual look, including elements like the Brotherhood of Steel.

“A bright and funny apocalypse filled with dark punchlines and bursts of ultra-violence, Fallout stands up there with The Last of Us among the best game adaptations ever made,” Purslow said. “Brilliantly constructed, its three distinct leads travel through cleverly linked storylines that build to a fantastic finale.”

GameSpot – 7/10

Over on GameSpot, critic Phil Hornshaw was less effusive in his praise, but still noted Fallout‘s great cast and interesting characters, which he felt eased the blander elements of the show’s worldbuilding. Walton Goggins’ performance was noted as being the standout of the show, with The Ghoul being a “pitch-perfect addition” to the action.

“Over eight episodes, I often had a good time with Fallout, particularly because its primary characters and their experiences are so engrossing,” Hornshaw said. “The show makes a lot of hay from the weird and goofy setting of the game series, and does a great job of filling it with fun, fascinating people.”

Empire – 4 Stars

Empire reviewer Kambole Campbell gave Fallout an impressive four stars, noting its excellent translation of gameplay into dramatic story beats. Campbell also noted Goggins’ performance as a standout, and praised the set and creature design for aiding the realism and adventure of the show.

Fallout expands on the big ideas of the games, making it an adaptation worth watching both for fans and those unfamiliar,” Campbell said. “It’s an equal parts funny and nightmarish show that, like its protagonist, isn’t content to live inside a projection of the past.”

BBC – 4 Stars

On the BBC website, critic Neil Armstrong also awarded Fallout four stars, for its vivid and brutal action, its production design, its surreal humour, and its main characters. While Armstrong labelled the plot “meandering”, he was still enamoured by the journey, and by the tone of the series.

“Viewers who love the games will relish the chance to discover new aspects of the Fallout universe,” Armstrong said. “Those who’ve never played them will enjoy a vivid, brutal romp with flashes of absurdist comedy and set in an engrossing, richly detailed world … Fallout is both totally rad and an absolute blast.”

Variety – Positive, Non-scored

In a positive, non-scored review for Variety, critic Aramide Tinubu described Fallout as an “ultra-violent” and “twistedly fun” adaptation with a massive scope and a strong journey for its main protagonists. Tinubu was also impressed by the visuals of the series, and felt its bizarre nature helped to paper over many of its narrative stalling points.

“Even as the storylines linger too long in less exciting places, viewers are eager to see how the varied mysteries and secrets of the surface and the dwellers will reveal themselves,” Tinubu said. “Bizarre but intensely fun, Fallout is like nothing you’ve ever seen; for that reason alone, you won’t be able to turn away.”

Fallout is now streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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