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Epic Games’ Rumbleverse will be taken offline in February 2023

Rumbleverse, the multiplayer superhero battle royale from Epic Games, is being sunsetted.
rumbleverse game shut down

Rumbleverse, the superhero battle royale from Epic Games and Iron Galaxy, is officially being shut down on 28 February 2023, after just seven months in operation. The end of Rumbleverse Season Two will mark the sunset for the entire game, with access set to be cut off at 10:00 am CST for all active players.

The game’s final update will go live on 1 February 2023, and the item store will subsequently close. All premium features and cosmetics will be available to everyone for the next month, with all XP gains doubled to help unlock new ranks, until the service is closed.

Anyone who has spent money on Rumbleverse will be refunded following this date. This includes anyone who purchased the Rumbleverse Battle Pass or any Brawlla Bills for in-game cosmetics.

‘There is still fun we can have together before the sun sets on Grapital City,’ Iron Galaxy said in the sunset announcement. ‘The remaining weeks will be a chance to celebrate the competitive spirit you’ve brought to this game. There will be more livestreams to play some games with the developers and let them pull the curtain back to share some behind-the-scenes moments from the creative process that built this city.’

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Rumbleverse only launched in August 2022, and while it remained fairly quiet during its tenure, the action and gameplay of this superheroic battle royale brawler was extremely fun.

‘When you’re exploring the city, flying high, and tracking down your next opponent, Rumbleverse is an extremely stylish, punchy battle royale game that uses its theming and combat to great impact. This Fortnite-like certainly has potential – but it needs a better leg up before it can be crowned champ,’ we wrote of the experience on launch.

Unfortunately, the writing appeared to be on the wall, even in the game’s early stages. The wait times between matches were fairly catastrophic throughout its run, and it appeared only a handful of players were bobbing around the game’s servers. Its lack of popularity compounded the issue – fewer players meant longer wait times, which led to more frustration.

While not directly mentioned as the cause for the sunsetting by Iron Galaxy, it does appear Rumbleverse failed to find a passionate audience to keep the action going. As a result, the game will now wrap up and disappear forever.

‘This project has been a labor of love to create a new experience in a popular and highly competitive genre for games,’ Iron Galaxy said. ‘ If you’ve been a part of that journey, we thank you – whether you jumped into the first playtest after our reveal, or just shot yourself out of the cannon for the first time.’

Rumbleverse will be shut down on 28 February 2023 at 10:00 am CST. Once live service ends, the game will no longer be accessible.

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