The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories is getting a major patch

If you've encountered problems getting married in The Sims 4, a fix is on the way.
the sims 4 wedding stories pack

The Sims 4: My Wedding Stories is a delightful game expansion pack that adds in the ability to celebrate weddings through a number of new life events. But while these events are great fun, not everything in the expansion runs smoothly – and many players have run into trouble completing their marriage ceremonies following the installation of the pack. Now, it appears there’s a fix on the way as EA looks to address ongoing fan complaints.

EA has promised to fix a number of issues with a new patch, via the following improvements:

  • A Please Take Seats update that prevents guests from blocking aisles
  • Adjustments to the Walking Down the Aisle command
  • Sims from all sides of the family can be invited to a wedding, and will arrive in proper clothing
  • Sims will properly gather for dessert time and cake, and there’ll be a reduction in ‘cake spoiling’ time
  • Cake models will no longer float or look strange
  • The passionate kiss animation will be fixed
  • San Myshuno’s Meadows Center Park will now be a wedding venue
  • Paired dancing will be improved

There are two separate patch updates arriving in the coming weeks which will bring improvements across the board.

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Interestingly, bugs present in the pre-release version of the game, including Sims being stuck in an endless loop of placing a ring on their spouse’s finger, and wedding officiants being unable to officiate a wedding, don’t appear on the list of fixes.

Whether they’re currently being worked on, or if they’ll be addressed in the upcoming updates, is currently unknown. They are fairly common, and have been noted in GamesHub’s time with the game, so there’s hope they’ll be fixed soon.

The good news is you can still dive in with My Wedding Stories and enjoy many of the family and friend-oriented events in the pack. There’s plenty of fun activities to take part in, and they’ll all run smoothly, as long as you postpone the actual wedding ceremony until after the game’s new patch.

You can follow along with The Sims 4 blog to find out more about when My Wedding Stories will become more playable for everyone.

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