EA closes Ridgeline Games, cancels Respawn’s Star Wars FPS

EA is making sweeping changes beyond its workforce redundancies.
battlefield 2024 key art

EA is making sweeping changes to its studio structure, as it realigns focus on owned IP, sports, and “massive online communities”. As part of these changes, it will reportedly shutter Ridgeline Games, the studio developing the narrative campaign of an upcoming Battlefield sequel, and a number of in-development projects have been cancelled – including Respawn Entertainment’s unannounced Star Wars FPS.

Ridgeline Games was only established in 2022, with the purpose of working on unique Battlefield adventures, led by Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto. At the time, Lehto enthused about the opportunity to work on “expanding the narrative, storytelling and character development opportunities in the Battlefield series.”

Now, it appears plans have shifted dramatically. Lehto has departed EA, and per IGN, employees of Ridgeline Games will be distributed amongst other teams within EA. Work on the narrative campaign for the upcoming Battlefield adventure will continue, but with work now overseen by Criterion producer Danny Isaac and studio head of creative Darren White.

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As detailed by IGN, EA has also cancelled an in-development, unannounced Star Wars first-person shooter coming from Respawn Entertainment (Star Wars Jedi, Titanfall).

It’s believed the project would have focussed on the Mandalorian warriors, who typically wield high-tech weaponry, but beyond this tidbit not much is known about the cancelled game – only that it will not go ahead, as EA is looking to “move away” from licensed IPs.

Per IGN, the team working on this project will be redistributed to work on existing and upcoming games, including Apex Legends, Iron Man, Black Panther, and the still-in-development Star Wars Jedi sequel.

As these changes have made clear, EA is set to look very different in future, with a shifted focus for its upcoming games. Our thoughts are with those impacted by the announced layoffs.

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