Dragalia Lost will officially shut down in November 2022

Dragalia Lost will be removed from digital storefronts in November, with players losing access to the adventure.
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Dragalia Lost, the epic mobile RPG adventure game from Nintendo and Cygames, will officially shut down on 30 November 2022, with players losing all access to the game on that date. As of late August, the game’s Diamantium currency is no longer available for purchase, with Upgrade Essentials and Packs being removed from sale on 30 October, in preparation for the game’s final end.

Diamantium can still be spent on in-game upgrades and character recovery, but players can no longer spend real money in the game.

While the shutdown decision was announced in early 2022, fans are still deeply saddened by the news, with many sharing positive memories and experiences in the Twitter thread announcing the shutdown.


‘Thank you for playing the Dragalia Lost game,’ the development team said in a blog update. ‘In a notification that was posted in March 2022, we announced that service for Dragalia Lost will come to a close at a later date. This message is to inform players that the end-of-service date has been decided … We would like to extend our sincere thanks to everyone who has played the game since service began.’

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Dragalia Lost is an important game for Nintendo. It represents one of the company’s earliest forays into the mobile gaming space, and helped to shape the future direction of titles like Mario Kart Tour and Dr Mario World.

According to 2019 reporting from Sensor Tower, the game earned Nintendo around US $100 million in its first year on sale, surpassing the popularity of titles like Super Mario Run and Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. This growth has seemingly slowed to a crawl over the last year, although this is likely due to the shutdown announcement.

It’s unknown how well Dragalia Lost performed following its blockbuster launch year, but it’s fair to assume its popularity waned, which led to the decision to remove the game from live service. It’s an incredible shame to see the title disappear – particularly for those who enjoyed it – but the nature of live service games is that they need constant upkeep. Without this, shutdown is inevitable.

According to the official end-of-service announcement for the game, if players try to access Dragalia Lost after 30 November 2022 (1:00 am ET), they will be greeted by an end-of-service notification, and will not be able to play the game.

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