Dixit is getting a Disney spin-off in late 2023

Dixit Disney will feature classic Disney franchises across a range of surreal cards.
dixit disney libellud

Dixit, the Libellud card game where players interpret surreal imagery and dream-like illustrations, is getting an official Disney spin-off in Autumn 2023 [Northern Hemisphere]. The new version of the beloved title will feature Disney-themed images on 84 mystery cards, each inspired by a classic Disney or Pixar film.

The first revealed card hails from Aladdin, and features an glittering hourglass filled with sand from the Cave of Wonders, as well as genie’s iconic lamp. The whole game will be brought to life in similar fashion, thanks to the work of illustrator Nalatie Dombois, who has spent the last two years working on the game’s stunning art.

‘Creating the 84 cards (each based on one of 84 Disney and Pixar films) relied on a meticulous process, comprised of multiple stages, and involving contributions from the entire Libellud team – over 500 written proposals,’ Libellud said in the game’s announcement. ‘The finished images pay tribute to Disney’s iconic themes, while staying true to the layered concepts in the Dixit universe.’

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For those unfamiliar with Dixit, it’s an essential card game that revolves around dreams.

In each round of the game, a storyteller will choose a card decorated by surrealist images, and describe it as obscurely as possible. Players must then select a card from their hand that best reflects this imagery, and all cards are mixed up. Every player then bets on which card is the storyteller’s ‘real’ card, based on their interpretation of the original sentence.

While theming the cards after Disney may make the truth easier to spot, if players are familiar with the source material, new rules and gameplay will likely guide this upcoming iteration. Whatever the case, it looks set to be another gorgeous Dixit adventure, perfect for your tabletop shelf.

Dixit Disney is currently set to launch in Autumn 2023 [Northern Hemisphere]. Stay tuned for news of a local Australian release.

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