Disney Dreamlight Valley: Mulan and Mushu set to arrive in free update

Disney Dreamlight Valley is introducing Mulan and Mushu later this month.
disney dreamlight valley mulan update

Disney Dreamlight Valley is getting two new faces in its latest free update, as Mulan and Mushu enter the Valley. Both characters will have their own questlines and unlockable rewards, with the path to earning their friendship winding through a special Mulan-themed Realm.

While some characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley pop in via standalone quests, there are a handful you’ll need to find by spending Dreamlight. Given Dreamlight Valley developer Gameloft has teased a new unlockable Realm for this month, we can assume Mulan and Mushu will be part of this Realm, and will therefore need to be unlocked by players before they can tackle any quests.

If you’re keen for Mulan and Mushu and you’re running low on Dreamlight, now might be the time to start jumping into daily quests, and grinding for that potentially high-cost Realm door.

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Elsewhere in the Lucky Dragon update, which arrives on 26 June 2024, players can also expect a new Star Path. Gameloft hasn’t yet announced what the theme of this Star Path will be, but early teasers have indicated Mulan will feature, and there may also be some tie-in for the recently-released Inside Out 2.

What’s next for Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Even after the launch of the Lucky Dragon update, there’s still plenty in the works for Disney Dreamlight Valley. As announced, there is at least one more free update arriving in the first half of 2024, with Tiana of The Princess and the Frog teased to arrive in Summer 2024 [Northern Hemisphere]. Based on this teaser, she’s likely to arrive standalone – but flavour text about “culinary delights” in the Gameloft roadmap indicates she’ll also bring new foods or cooking activities to the game.

On the paid track, Summer 2024 will also see the third chapter of A Rift In Time‘s story unfold. This will seemingly conclude the main plot of the DLC, as you can “foil Jafar’s schemes and fix the rift in time” in this adventure.

Following these dual updates, the path forward for Disney Dreamlight Valley is less clear. Gameloft has enjoyed great success with this game, and there are still plenty of Realms left to unlock in its castle, so we’re likely to see more updates throughout the later half of the year.

What characters should come to Disney Dreamlight Valley?

disney dreamlight valley pirates nightmare before christmas
Image: Square Enix

As for what the next Dreamlight Valley updates could be, there’s plenty of possibilities. Pirates of the Caribbean representation could spark renewed interest in the game. The inclusion of Star Wars and Marvel characters is also possible – although this feels unlikely.

Alice in Wonderland is a safer bet for a franchise inclusion, and Alice would certainly shake up life in Dreamlight Valley. Inside Out could also arrive in-game, as could The Incredibles, or the cars from Cars. If you want to go for a more niche option, characters from Atlantis would be wonderful.

At this stage, Gameloft has not revealed a complete roadmap for the later half of 2024, but stay tuned – there could be much, much more on the way.

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