Detective Pikachu 2 is reportedly nearing release

Detective Pikachu 2 could be re-revealed soon, according to a post on LinkedIn.
detective pikachu 2 game switch

The biggest mystery in the Detective Pikachu franchise is where exactly the long-awaited Nintendo Switch sequel wound up after being announced in 2019. The long-anticipated game has seemingly vanished, with no firm updates or news in the last three years – however, a new post on LinkedIn may provide some fresh and exciting clues.

As spotted by Nintendo Life, Creatures Inc. and PTCG Development Division Senior Programmer Johnathan Murphy recently updated his LinkedIn profile with news on Detective Pikachu 2, which is noted as ‘nearing release’.

Here’s the update, which describes Murphy’s recent project contributions:

Using Unity/C#, worked on one unannounced project and one nearing release, Detective Pikachu 2.
– Had ownership of core game features, doing everything from initial system design to final implementation.
– Provided expert consultation on effective use of Unity and modern development practices.

Jonathan Murphy, LinkedIn

This is the only recent mention of Detective Pikachu 2, and has sparked a major furore within the Pokemon fanbase, as many are keen to hear more about the announced title.

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While fans were reassured that the game was still in development in early 2022, via a tweet from developer Creatures Inc., the lack of major updates or appearances from DP2 are still odd. Nintendo rarely spends years hyping up video game releases, with the company typically preferring shorter, punchier hype cycles filled with fun showcases and Nintendo Direct tidbits.

When Detective Pikachu 2 was announced in 2019, many assumed it would be set for a release in later 2019, or even 2020. The pandemic may have complicated matters, but going three years without major news is odd for any Nintendo-published title – let alone a Pokemon game.

Regardless of these circumstances, it’s great to see an update on the game’s status, even if it does come in the form of a minor LinkedIn update. The original Detective Pikachu, released in 2018 for Nintendo 3D, is a delightful experience and a great spin-off from the mainline Pokemon games. Sure, it’s a little bit weird – but that’s what makes the franchise so fun.

There’s hope the upcoming sequel will retain the charm and humour of its predecessor.

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