Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together are crossing over

Mysterious teasers hint at Don't Starve content arriving in Cult of the Lamb – and potentially vice versa.
cult of the lamb don't starve game crossover

Cult of the Lamb and Don’t Starve Together appear to be set for a major crossover, with new animated teaser videos hinting at fresh content arriving in both games. The Cult of the Lamb teaser – appropriately titled ‘Starving for more Cult of the Lamb?’ features the titular lamb walking through a grassy field, and stumbling across a portal seemingly occupied by Webber from Don’t Starve.

The Don’t Starve portion of the teaser, titled ‘Remove the wool from your eyes’ features Wilson from Don’t Starve encountering another portal in an open field, with the Lamb appearing in the rift.

Both teasers dramatically fade to a reveal date: 21 August 2023. We expect this will herald the arrival of clear details, and what to expect of the unexpected crossover.

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Cult of the Lamb has received a wave of post-launch content over the last few months, buoyed by the roaring success of the title. So far in 2023, we’ve seen a handful of cosmetic updates, as well as the full-scale Relics of the Old Faith DLC, which added new combat features and post-game story content.

It’s unknown if the upcoming Don’t Starve Together collaboration will be as meaty as this chapter – but it’s welcome, regardless. Based on these teasers, and the aesthetics of Don’t Starve, we can assume the crossover will include new Followers – potentially inspired by Webber and other in-game creatures – but for now, that’s pure speculation.

As for what could be coming to Don’t Starve Together, we could see the Lamb join the fun – either as an ally, or a creature to defeat. Whatever the case, it’s likely the crossover will be delivered in delightful, macabre style.

For now, the two teaser videos are the only hints at what’s to come. For more details, stay tuned to 21 August 2023 as Massive Monster, Devolver Digital, and Klei Entertainment reveal more about their plans.

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