Cult of the Lamb animated adaptation seemingly in the works

Cult of the Lamb could be adapted into animated form in future, according to Massive Monster.
Cult of the Lamb from Massive Monster and Devolver Digital review

Cult of the Lamb developer Massive Monster is reportedly in talks with an animation studio, as concepts evolve for a cartoon adaptation of the beloved cult simulator. The news was revealed in an episode of ABC Gamer‘s Games Aren’t A Real Job video series, which tasked Cult of the Lamb creative director Julian Winton with working on a real farm, scooping up sheep excrement.

[Update, 4 May 2023: The team behind Cult of the Lamb have posted a short, work-in-progress, 2D animated clip of a piece of lamb being cooked on a grill on Twitter, from freelance animator JanAnimations. JanAnimations previously worked on an unofficial Cult of the Lamb animation for UK channel Mashed]


[The original story follows below.]

The entire episode is a tongue-in-cheek romp filled with chasing chickens, petting lambs, and milking cows, but between these high-pressure moments, Winton reveals plenty of details about working on Cult of the Lamb, how the game evolved in development, and what its future looks like.

Between churning fields and sorting dung, Winton revealed the game will continue to expand in the coming months, even beyond its recent Relics of the Old Faith update.

‘We’re going to milk the game,’ Winton said, jokingly. ‘Free updates, we’re maybe going to do some paid updates. We’re going to just expand the universe, and have fun with it.’

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When asked specifically about the game’s potential to expand into the animated realm, Winton played relatively coy – but admitted Massive Monster had something unique cooking.

‘I actually did have a call on the car ride here, with an animation studio – so we’re working on it,’ he said. ‘ABC, sign it up.’

While this adaptation is currently in the planning phases, it certainly holds much promise. The marketing campaign for Cult of the Lamb featured a number of excellent animated vignettes produced by award-winning studio Half Giant, and these displayed plenty of potential for the game’s loveable lamb and their loyal flock.

Winton did not specify whether Half Giant was the animation studio on call – but the company’s vision for the game has no doubt inspired this in-development project.

You can watch the entire Games Aren’t A Real Job segment via the ABC Gamer YouTube channel for more Cult of the Lamb tidbits and shenanigans.


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