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Cult of the Lamb is getting a limited-time event for Halloween

Cult of the Lamb is getting a major new content update, just in time for Halloween.
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Cult of the Lamb is getting a major new update this Halloween, with the Blood Moon Festival kicking off on 25 October 2022. Once the new, free content is installed, players will be able to take part in a brand new Blood Moon ritual, and also participate in a number of new activities, discover new Follower Forms, and bop along to a fresh music track.

When initiating the new Blood Moon Ritual (which costs 40 Pumpkins), players will be able to conjure a terrifying new moon that summons the spirits of Dead Followers to haunt their cult for three whole days. The lamb will be able to capture these spirits to gain new power and prestige – or just for a spot of fun, really.

In addition to this new ritual, the update also adds in a range of new decorations and activities to spice up life in your cult. If you’ve reached the end of the road in the game, and you’re looking for new ways to entertain yourself, a ghost hunt amongst flowery new accessories will certainly do it.

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Here’s a brief rundown of every new feature included in the Blood Moon Festival update:

  • New Blood Moon Ritual
  • Three new Follower Forms to unlock (Bull Skull, Crow, Horned Demon)
  • Four new decorations to unlock (Blood Moon Tree, Flower Skulls, and more)
  • A new music track

The latest Cult of the Lamb update drops on 25 October 2022, and should be an automatic download on PC and consoles. The limited-time event will end on 10 November 2022, at which point the Blood Moon will wane, and your cult will once again be ghost-free.

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