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Counter-Strike 2 is officially launching in mid-2023

Counter-Strike 2 has officially been confirmed, after weeks of rumours and leaks.
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After weeks of internal leaks and rumours, Valve has officially confirmed the existence of Counter-Strike 2, an upgraded sequel to the ever-popular multiplayer tactical shooter Counter Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), featuring tweaked gameplay and modern improvements to lighting and shooting. The game is being called ‘the largest technical leap forward in Counter-Strike‘s history’ and represents years of refinement.

Counter-Strike 2 will launch in mid-2023, although select players have reportedly been invited to a limited technical test for new features. So far, we know this test will include newly-lit maps with improved rendering and visuals, and a complete update to the game’s ‘tick rate’ firing system.

‘Tick rate’ is a system by which Counter-Strike measures player input ie. movement and shooting. Previously, ‘ticks’ were only calculated at certain intervals, leaving minuscule, non-responsive gaps in gameplay. Counter-Strike 2 will now feature ‘sub-ticks’ to better monitor player input and reduce any potential lag in gameplay, which is important for the highly-competitive nature of the game.

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In addition, some weaponry has also been upgraded, including smoke grenades – which will now be more ‘dynamic’ and better deployed in map environments.

You can see some of these improvements in the Counter-Strike 2 showcase videos below:


When Counter-Strike 2 launches in mid-2023, it will be a free upgrade to CS:GO, available to everyone. Any cosmetics and other in-game items players own in the original game will be transferred to this sequel, which should hopefully make the transition process much smoother.

Valve is reportedly inviting additional CS:GO players to take part in early beta tests for Counter-Strike 2 over the coming weeks – so stay tuned for more news on how to access the game, and what to expect on launch.

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