Civilization: Eras & Allies is a new free-to-play 4X mobile game

Civilization: Eras & Allies was quietly soft-launched under an alternative moniker.
civilization eras and allies game

2K Games has announced the soft-launch of a new Civilization mobile game, titled Eras & Allies, with the game already available in select regions. As detailed in a press release, this mobile Civilization spin-off was actually soft launched under another title – Conquests and Alliances – 4X Empire Builder – but will now adopt the Civilization moniker.

The change is expected to appear on 5 December 2023, although the game will not receive a formal launch or announcement. Per 2K, the game is simply changing name to reflect the continued process of testing and development. It’s also likely the name change will attract renewed attention from franchise fans, as the Civilization series has earned an enthusiastic audience over the last three decades.

“As part of our continued efforts to explore and expand into new audiences, Civilization: Eras & Allies is in soft launch in limited territories,” 2K said of the game. “Civilization: Eras & Allies is a new standalone free-to-play mobile 4X social strategy game, featuring exciting new gameplay mechanics designed with the mobile social strategy gamer in mind.”

It appears this game aims to appeal to a broad global audience, and particularly to mobile gamers willing to invest money in seasonal content, and other microtransactions.

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As revealed in the game’s description, it features players embarking on journeys of conquest by stepping into the shoes of historically significant leaders, like Julius Caesar, Sun Tzu, Kusunoki Masashige, Joan of Arc, and others. “Conquests & Alliances is a strategy game that lets you reshape history. Joan of Arc will fight Julius Caesar, the army of Kusunoki Masashige will clash with ancient Egypt – will you be the all-time conqueror?”

The game adopts many of the same mechanics and design ideas of Civilization, so the transition to this branding is fairly unsurprising – although the development of a Civilization mobile game being kept firmly under wraps is unexpected.

Regardless, it should be worth keeping on eye on for those enjoy 4X strategy games.

In a statement, a 2K spokesperson has reassured curious players that work on this title does not impact the upcoming release of the next Civilization, as the mobile game is being developed by an external partner. “As we announced earlier this year, Firaxis Games is in active development on the next iteration of the legendary Civilization franchise. We are working with an external partner specialising in mobile social strategy games to develop Civilization: Eras & Allies.”

For those curious to learn more about Civilization: Eras & Allies, stay tuned for its soft-launch rebrand on 5 December 2023. The game is currently available on Android devices.

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