Chrono Chross remaster gets major update in February 2023

Square Enix has announced major changes for the disappointing 2022 remaster.
Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition key art

When Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition launched in 2022, players were quick to point out a variety of bugs that diminished the so-called ‘definitive’ version of the original PSOne Classic. With Square Enix simultaneously launching this remaster, and removing access to the digital versions of Chrono Cross on PlayStation 3 and PS Vita, Radical Dreamers became the only accessible way to play the game. Now, nearly a year on from launch, Square Enix will finally address the issues which rendered this release nearly unplayable.

In an update on Twitter, the developer confirmed the Chrono Cross remaster will be getting a major update in the coming weeks, designed to reduce frame rate issues and make much-needed tweaks to the experience.

‘Following the launch of the game last year, we’re planning to release an update this month,’ Square Enix said. ‘The update includes a wide range of changes, such as frame rate improvements, changes to the growth system for Pip, and fixes for other bugs.’

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In the GamesHub review of the Chrono Cross remaster, we noted these issues as being significant, and taking away from the brilliance of the original game:

‘After Chrono Trigger received multiple re-releases on handhelds, home consoles, mobiles, and PC, it’s good to see the lineage of the Chrono series finally get the modern treatment,’ reviewer Edmond Tran wrote. ‘But despite multiple Final Fantasy remasters paving the way for this one, it’s disappointing to see the performance of this 23 year old game sacrificed for fidelity.’

As many other reviews noted, the game had difficulty maintaining a steady frame rate, did not perform smoothly, and featured numerous other bugs that bred frustration. There’s high hopes the incoming game patch will address these issues, and transform The Radical Dreamers Edition into a worthy remaster of one of the best JRPGs of all time.

The upcoming game patch has not been dated, but players can expect to hear more shortly. Stay tuned to the Chrono Cross socials for a release announcement.

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