Castlevania: Nocturne gets new, action-heavy trailer

Castlevania: Nocturne launches September 28 on Netflix.
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Netflix has released a fresh trailer for upcoming video game adaptation, Castlevania: Nocturne, revealing a better look at the main cast and all the bloody action. This series, which is a spiritual successor to the original Castlevania anime, follows hero Richter Belmont as he embraces his family monster hunting legacy, and leads a band of troops against the mysterious Vampire Messiah.

The Vampire Messiah aims to eat the sun and enslave humanity – but with a Belmont, and a whole crew of magicians standing in her way, the fight will be much tougher than expected.

In the newly-released main trailer for Castlevania: Nocturne, we see stylish glimpses of the battles to come, with Richter wielding daggers and the iconic Belmont whip, and his comrades manipulating magic for explosive strikes against the vampire hordes.

As we’ve come to expect from Netflix’s Castlevania adaptations, the action is sharp, fast, and incredibly stylish. You can see the main trailer for the upcoming series below:


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To accompany the new trailer, Netflix has also revealed the complete series cast list, breaking down each hero and their journey through Nocturne. Here’s who’s who, per Netflix:

  • Richter Belmont (Edward Bluemel) – He’s the tough young hero who’s continuing the family tradition of vampire hunting.
  • Maria (Pixie Davies) – She’s a natural leader who’s fighting inequality in her country, and also a magic user battling the vampire elite.
  • Annette (Thuso Mbedu) – She used her power and wits to escape vampire-enforced enslavement in the Caribbean, and now wields magic to stop the impending apocalyptic threat.
  • Edouard (Sydney James Harcourt) – He left his life as a talented opera singer to aid and accompany Annette.
  • Tera (Nastassja Kinski) – She’s a mother and mentor to young vampire hunters and magic users, who has her own share of past trauma to bear.
  • Olrox (Zahn McClarnon) – He killed Richter’s mother years ago and now must decide whether he can stomach teaming up with his sworn enemy in order to stop vampiric world domination.
  • Erzsebet Báthory (Franka Potente) – She’s the one foretold. She’s the queen of vampires, and, if all goes as planned, of the entire world.

And here’s a breakdown of the plot:

In the thick of the French Revolution, members of the so-called lower classes are rising up to fight inequality: “It’s the natural order for them to milk us dry with impossible rents and unpayable taxes,” Maria (Davies), a young leader, laments.

Meanwhile, Richter Belmont (Bluemel) senses a far grimmer and greater danger. He’s picked up his family’s long-held tradition of vampire hunting, a vocation that goes back almost as long as a vampiric life span (in other words, forever). But he’s never seen anything quite like what he’s witnessing now — could the drastic uptick in vampire activity have something to do with the death of his mother? And what’s up with this rumored news of a supposed vampire messiah? 

Castlevania Nocturne launches via Netflix on 28 September 2023, with all eight episodes dropping at once.

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