Capcom is raising its staff salaries yet again

Capcom is raising the starting salary of staff, and providing current employees with bonuses.
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Capcom has once again announced improvements to its staff salaries in Japan, following continued company growth and sales success. As announced, starting salaries at the company will increase by 25% from its next fiscal year, going from ¥235,000 per month (AUD $2,398) to ¥300,000 per month (AUD $3,061).

While still slightly below the average worldwide, it means basic salary at Capcom is improving significantly. Per a statement, the company believes improvements to salary are essential to further invest in company talent.

“With this increase in starting salary, Capcom is pursuing further investment in human capital and the acquisition of exceptional talent,” the company said.

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Existing salaries for other staff members will also increase in the next fiscal year, by around 5%. Employees will also receive a “one-time special payment” as a bonus for good work and continued company success.

These improvements arrive on top of the 30% Capcom salary increase announced in 2022, which was designed to help employees overcome issues including the housing and cost of living crises. At the time, Capcom claimed the move would improve its corporate value and the “relationship of trust” with employees and stakeholders.

In a sea of news about layoffs and studio closures, Capcom’s move is most welcome. As VGC points out, it’s likely the raises have been inspired by a Japanese Government directive to pay employees more to fend off inflation – but regardless, it’s great to see.

With Capcom preparing for the releases of new titles including Dragon’s Dogma 2, Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess, and Monster Hunter Wilds in future, we hope to see the company continue its growth, and its support of individual employees.

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