Capcom announces major growth, thanks to Street Fighter 6

Capcom has achieved significant growth in its latest financial quarter, largely thanks to Street Fighter 6.
Street Fighter 6 finanical report q1 2023

Capcom has reported a whopping 73.8% year-on-year financial growth for Q1 2023, the period ending 30 June 2023. Sales were recorded at 43.858 million yen, with these results driven by success in game sales – which grew to 13.5 million units sold in the quarter.

Street Fighter 6 was the breadwinner in that regard, selling 1.97 million units in its first month on sale. Per Capcom, the success of the game is being attributed to more approachable, beginner-friendly gameplay.

‘The game represents an enhanced step forward in the Street Fighter series, going beyond the confines of the versus fighting game genre by introducing a variety of features with broad appeal,’ Capcom said.

‘These include World Tour mode, an improved new single player experience, Battle Hub, where players around the globe gather to communicate and challenge each other to matches, as well as controller input options for different experience levels, ranging from newcomer to expert. As a result, the title made a strong start with sales of 1.97 million units, which contributed significantly to earnings.’

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Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 also performed strongly, selling 1.32 million units since launch in April 2023. Other games which significantly contributed to sales totals included Monster Hunter Rise, Resident Evil 2, and Resident Evil 4 (4.95 million units sold since March 2023).

As an addendum to its report, Capcom has also revealed updated figures for its most popular franchises, and their total lifetime sales. Here’s how that list shapes up:

  1. Resident Evil – 146 million units sold
  2. Monster Hunter – 94 million units sold
  3. Street Fighter – 52 million units sold
  4. Mega Man – 40 million units sold
  5. Devil May Cry – 29 million units sold

Dragon’s Dogma arrives at number six, with a much lower 7.7 million units sold – although its worth noting that’s based on a single game release, where others on the list are major franchises with multiple entries.

Overall, Capcom’s latest financial results are impressive, with strong year-on-year growth being a consistent feature in the company’s quarterly reports. With Street Fighter 6 continuing to enjoy mainstream popularity, we expect it will also have an impact on future company results.

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