Street Fighter 6 has sold 2 million copies worldwide

Street Fighter 6 is experiencing steady growth, according to Capcom.
Street Fighter 6 Key Art

Street Fighter 6 has officially hit two million copies sold since its launch in June 2023. This milestone has been celebrated by developer Capcom, which highlighted the game’s widespread appeal and beginner-friendly gameplay as reasons for its continued popularity and growth.

The company is reportedly aiming for Street Fighter 6 to hit 10 million copies sold in its lifetime – and while the post-launch period will likely see slowdown to its sales figures, there’s every chance it will hit this goal. As Capcom details, this is the most accessible Street Fighter game in decades, with plenty of new characters and modes designed to be fun for everyone, of all ages.

‘In addition to delivering the pinnacle of fighting game experiences, the title sports enhanced single-player features such as World Tour Mode, an immersive story mode where solo players journey through the universe of Street Fighter,’ Capcom said of the game’s success.

‘Additionally, Capcom carried out initiatives to appeal to a broad range of players, including the introduction of the Modern Control Type, a new controller input option for players new to the series that allows them to execute special attacks with simple button combinations, leading sales of the title to surpass two million units worldwide.’

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Capcom has also attributed the game’s ongoing success to a leveraging of professional esports talent and competitions. The Street Fighter League: Pro-JP 2023 tournament kicks off in July, and Street Fighter 6 will be a featured game. The official Capcom Pro Tour 2023 also kicks off in August, and this is likely to inspire renewed interest in the fighting franchise, sporting a total prize pool of US $2 million.

Capcom’s recent success has certainly been warranted. In the five-star GamesHub review of Street Fighter 6, we called it an exceedingly good game that actually feels good to play.

‘In allowing you to actually hit the virtual streets, Street Fighter 6 opens itself up to exploring a whole new philosophy about its existence, exploring the reason why we fight and work to get stronger,’ reviewer Edmond Tran wrote.

Street Fighter 6 is an exceedingly good fighting game. But more than that, it’s an excellent training tool. It’s a fulfilling adventure. It’s a lively community gathering place. It’s an endearingly idealistic and inspiring world of appreciation for martial arts and friendly competition, exceptionally executed in every respect.’

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