The next Borderlands ‘game’ is a live interactive series

Silent Hill: Ascension studio Genvid is also working on a Borderlands adaptation.
borderlands echovision live game

Silent Hill: Ascension studio Genvid has announced its latest game adaptation: a livestreamed interactive series set in the Borderlands universe, subtitled ‘EchoVision Live‘. As with Ascension, audiences who watch the series will be able to change the outcome of the story, based on interactive segments played out on a global stage.

Per newly-revealed details, Borderlands EchoVision Live will follow the ‘zero-to-hero’ tale of eight tourists who wind up marooned on Eden-6, one of the many moons in the Borderlands universe, and home to the Jakobs gun manufacturing corporation. While the tourists begin as innocent guests of an ‘Adventure Safari’ they’ll soon need to ‘follow in the footsteps of Vault Hunters and bask in their glory’.

Audience participation will reportedly define this journey, as players will be able to decide how each of the eight tourists react, guiding their actions likely by popular vote. Choices will determine whether they survive the pressure, how each character interacts with their companions, and who each of them will become.

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‘Designed from the ground-up with massive community involvement at the core of the experience, global participants will directly impact how this Borderlands adventure unfolds,’ Genvid announced. ‘The audience will engage to determine how these zeroes to sort-of-heroes rise to the occasion to take on the increasingly dire threats to Greywater Junction. Reputations, relationships, and even rewards are at stake—and the actions of millions will determine these characters’ fates.’

At this stage, Genvid has yet to fully detail how its interactive live streaming shows will run. An early trailer for Silent Hill: Ascension has revealed an Until Dawn-like horror adventure that will be littered with live-saving choices, and it’s likely Borderlands EchoVision Live will run in similar fashion.

That said, details about how voting and interactivity will work are currently unclear. With a global focus, it would make sense to have major choices awaiting at the end of set ‘episodes’ – in that way, players in all time zones can participate – but airing these shows at specific times and allowing players to vote on ‘live’ choices may also spice up the atmosphere. Whatever the case, there’s a lot of intrigue about Genvid’s upcoming interactive adventures.

For now, Borderlands EchoVision Live does not have a formal release date – but we’ll likely hear more in the coming months. Silent Hill: Ascension arrives ahead of this newly-announced series, with an expected launch of 2023.

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