Bayonetta 3 has officially been rated by the ESRB, PEGI

Bayonetta 3 may be getting closer to launch, as an official rating indicates 'violence' and 'partial nudity' in the game.
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The long-gestating Bayonetta 3 may finally be ready for a full reveal, with recent age ratings from the ESRB and PEGI boards revealing scant details about the upcoming title. Fans have been waiting since 2017 to hear more about the game, with only brief teasers being shown off since its initial trailer. But the ESRB and PEGI ratings are extremely promising signs.

Ratings are usually delivered in the final phases of a game’s launch, with decisions handed down on partially or fully completed builds. While there has been no announcement of an official release date just yet, the game is apparently still on track for late 2022 – a goal that looks a lot more realistic now that rating decisions have been passed.

According to the ESRB, Bayonetta 3 is rated ‘M’ for ‘violence, blood and gore, partial nudity, strong language, and in-game purchases’. PEGI has passed an ’18’ rating for similar reasons. The ratings were not posted on the official boards, but were spotted on the Nintendo websites by Twitter user The_Marmolade.

There’s nothing too surprising about the content of the listing, although the adventure including some form of in-game purchases will likely raise eyebrows. A similar flag was included with Pokemon Legends Arceus, but this simply referred to the game’s online interactivity. At this stage, it’s unknown if Bayonetta 3 has been flagged for similar reasons, or if it will include some form of microtransaction or additional DLC pass.

Whatever the case, having a firm rating as tangible evidence that the game exists, and that it’s likely on track for 2022, is extremely welcome. With more news on the way soon, the best thing to do is keep an ear to the ground for more updates. We’ll learn more about the highly-anticipated Bayonetta 3 in the near future.

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