Batman: Arkham Trilogy arrives on Nintendo Switch in October

The Batman: Arkham Trilogy has locked in a firm release date for Nintendo Switch.
batman arkham trilogy nintendo switch

Batman: Arkham Trilogy, the compilation collecting Asylum, City, and Knight, will officially launch for Nintendo Switch on 13 October 2023. The release was first announced in June 2023, with many surprised by its sudden appearance, so late in the life cycle of the console.

While ports for gaming classics of the 2010s have been common for the Nintendo Switch – BioShock and Borderlands being the most prominent examples – these releases have slowed to a crawl over time. Regardless, it’s great to see Batman: Arkham Trilogy making the leap.

Each game included in the collection is essential in its own right. Batman: Arkham Asylum was an incredibly influential title in its era, changing the face of licensed superhero games and action games more widely, and bringing the world of Batman to life in stunning detail. City opened up the potential of the franchise, with a massive open world allowing for a deeper exploration of Batman lore. While Knight was less ground-breaking in its approach, it remains a phenomenal game with strong storytelling and character work.

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The Batman: Arkham Trilogy bundle for Nintendo Switch includes all three games alongside their original DLC packs, which include special cosmetic costumes, missions, and a number of excellent story quests – including ‘Harley Quinn’s Revenge’ from Arkham City.

Notably, the release of the Batman: Arkham Trilogy collection precedes the unlikely next chapter in Rocksteady’s gritty Arkham world: Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. As confirmed by the studio, this upcoming co-op multiplayer title, set to launch in February 2024, takes place in the same continuity as the original Arkham games – although with some core tweaks.

If you’re looking to get the complete Arkham story ahead of this game’s launch, the trilogy collection is the best place to start. You can already grab it on PC and consoles, but if you’re looking to play it on the go, the Nintendo Switch port provides yet another option.

Batman: Arkham Trilogy launches for Nintendo Switch on 13 October 2023.

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