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New Apex Legends character Ballistic is all about the guns

Ballistic enters Apex Legends as part of the Arsenal update, a straightforward but deadly character who is all about outgunning his opponents.
Apex Legends Arsenal Ballistic character

After much speculation, EA and Respawn have confirmed the newest character to enter the arena of Apex Legends is Ballistic, an older, gentlemanly gunslinger who can, as his name suggests, use a variety of abilities that let him completely outgun the rest of the roster.

He comes to the free-to-play battle royale shooter as the game’s 24th character, but somehow feels like the most straightforward character to date – a trait that perhaps suits his backstory as one of the oldest former competitors in the fiction of Apex Legends.

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Ballistic’s abilities give him some simple advantages, such as being able to hold three guns instead of two, allowing players to better diversify options on the battlefield. He also has a tool that can quickly overheat the weapons of opponents – leaving them unable to fire back if they’re not careful – and his ultimate ability dramatically boosts the reload and movement speed of nearby allies, as well as grants them infinite ammo.

Here are the official descriptions of Ballstic’s abilities:

  • Passive ability – Sling
    • What’s better than two guns? How about three? Ballistic is packing some serious heat as he can store a third weapon in his Sling which can be accessed via Inventory or the Character Utility Action. The Sling weapon cannot take attachments, but hey, the more firepower, the better.
  • Tactical ability – Whistler
    • Opponents need to keep their eyes peeled as Ballistic can shoot a guided projectile that heats up enemies’ guns, which causes damage as they shoot. The Whistler may be guided but players will need to hold the Tactical ability in order for it to lock-on. 
  • Ultimate ability – Tempest
    • Good thing Ballistic is a team player! Activating Tempest near teammates adds faster reloads, faster armed move speed and infinite ammo. As Ballistic is a glutton for fashion, Tempest also upgrades the Sling weapon to gold.

Ballistic comes as part of the Arsenal update for Apex Legends, which features a new weapon mastery system, a greatly expanded firing range to aid player training, and changes to the World’s Edge map.

Elsewhere in Respawn Entertainment’s roster, the studio has also just released Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, a title which has been received quite warmly.

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