Another Code aka Trace Memory is getting a Nintendo Switch remaster

Another Code: Recollection is a Switch remaster of the first two Another Code / Trace Memory games.
another code trace memory remaster

Another Code: Two Memories, the 2005 Nintendo DS game also known as Trace Memory in select regions, is getting a remaster for Nintendo Switch. The news was surprise-announced during the Nintendo Direct for September 2023, with a new trailer confirming the franchise’s long-awaited return – and that its sequel, Another Code: R – A Journey into Lost Memories will also be included in the Another Code: Recollection remaster.

Both games have been given a visual facelift, with graphics and puzzles modernised for the Switch. For anyone who’s never dived into Another Code, it should be the perfect opportunity to discover a true gem of the Nintendo DS era.

In Another Code: Two Memories, you play as a curious 13-year-old known as Ashley Robbins, who begins the adventure searching for her long-lost father on the strange Blood Edward Island. To traverse this island and uncover clues to his disappearance, players solve a variety of environmental puzzles, while sorting through various memories and trauma to uncover the truth.

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Wii sequel Another Code: R – A Journey Into Memories features similar themes and gameplay, with Ashley Robbins returning to solve yet another mystery – this time, about her mother. Against the backdrop of the idyllic Lake Juliet, Robbins must dive deep to parse her past, and aid the various people she meets in her exploratory quest.

Notably, Another Code: R was only released in Japan and Europe, and did not receive a wider worldwide launch – so this will be the first time players in North America and other regions will be able to play the game.

Another Code: Recollection arrives amidst a major revival for Nintendo DS and 3DS-era franchises, with beloved titles including Professor Layton, Fantasy Life, and Ghost Trick also recently being brought back, or announced for future revivals. Given the growing nostalgia for the Nintendo DS, we expect to see more titles like Another Code being brought back in similar fashion, going forward.

Another Code: Recollection launches for Nintendo Switch on 19 January 2024.

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