Alan Wake 2 will feature in horror talk at Tribeca Games Festival

Alan Wake 2 developer Sam Lake will join filmmaker Mike Flanagan for a deep dive into horror.
alan wake 2 tribeca games festival

Alan Wake 2 will get a major showcase during the Tribeca Games Festival for 2023, as part of a horror-themed talk titled, ‘Alan Wake 2: Building a World of Fear‘. During this talk, Remedy Entertainment developer Sam Lake will be joined by filmmaker Mike Flanagan (Midnight Mass) for a dive into the horror influences behind Alan Wake, and how the sequel will push interactive storytelling forward.

At this stage, it appears the event will not be livestreamed, but for anyone attending Tribeca in New York City, it should be well worth attending. Both Lake and Flanagan have a deep history with the horror genre, and have unique perspectives on how audiences can be manipulated into feeling fear.

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While Alan Wake skirted these conventions, taking inspiration from the sinister, creeping horror of Stephen King, Alan Wake 2 will reportedly lean more into outright terror. This was revealed by Remedy in early looks at the game, and further shown off in bloody, jumpscare-filled trailers featuring bodies dragged through the woods, and strange, dark creatures flitting in the darkness.

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Per Remedy, Alan Wake 2 will gravitate towards psychological horror, as Alan attempts to rewrite his reality, escape Cauldron Lake, destroy the Dark Place, and traverse a ‘nightmare version of New York City’. Those attending the Tribeca Games Festival will get a glimpse into this action, as Lake and Flanagan discuss the darkness hiding at the edges of the game’s corners.

AW2: Building a World of Fear will take place in the SVA Theatre in New York on 13 June 2023 at 8:00 pm ET. You can find out more about the event and how to purchase tickets on the Tribeca website.

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