Alan Wake 2 will have free DLC and two paid expansions

Alan Wake 2 will continue its story in a range of post-launch DLC expansions, including some free chapters.
alan wake 2 trailer gamescom 2023

Remedy Entertainment has confirmed Alan Wake 2 will have multiple free and paid post-launch DLC expansions, with the story set to continue after the curtain closes. The news arrives courtesy of creative director Sam Lake, who revealed “significant” plans for the game’s DLC at EGX London 2023.

“We do have free DLCs drops coming and they too are pretty significant,” Lake told an audience of fans during the event, per a recording captured by Twitter user @TheVoidRetro. “I’m expecting us to be going more into detail pretty soon after the game is out, but all of that will be free for everyone who gets the game.”

Given the wording, it does appear these newly-announced free DLCs will be in addition to previously announced DLC content, which includes two paid expansions called ‘Night Springs‘ and ‘The Lake House‘. Both expansions are included in the Deluxe Edition of Alan Wake 2, which also includes an array of shotgun skins, a new suit for Alan, a windbreaker for Saga, and a special digital Lantern Charm.

So far, the free DLC content has not been detailed or named, so there’s no real clues as to what keen players can expect. Regardless, the inclusion of free content for all players is certainly welcome, particularly if it illuminates the darker corners of Alan Wake‘s world.

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There’s plenty of questions still lingering about this upcoming game, including how it will connect to the wider Remedy Universe, which includes games like Control, Max Payne, and Quantum Break.

Its connection to Control is the most intriguing here, as this game included a crossover DLC that tied the game’s story back to Alan Wake, and seemingly paved the way for the events of Alan Wake 2. With such a strong connection, we can assume at least one of the DLCs announced for the game will include ties back to Control and its protagonist, Jesse Faden – but that remains pure speculation.

For now, we just have the names of the two paid DLC expansions to pour over – Night Springs and The Lake House.

Night Springs is the name of the fictional Twilight Zone-like television show found in Alan Wake. In the town of Night Springs, strange things frequently occur, and these stories play out as television episodes littered throughout the original Alan Wake. Meanwhile, The Lake House likely refers to the haunted cabin above Cauldron Lake, where the events of the original story kicked off. Both locations would be fertile ground for new Alan Wake stories.

We’ll likely learn more about the game’s “significant” free DLCs and upcoming story expansions in the weeks following the game’s launch – which is set for 27 October 2023 on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Windows PC.

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