FF16 Hunt Board Guide – Pandemonium Location – Final Fantasy 16

The orc king Pandemonium is one of the late-game S-Rank hunt board bounties in Final Fantasy 16. Here's where you can find him.
Final Fantasy 16 FF16 Hunt Board Guide Pandemonium Location

Pandemonium, one of the late-game S-Tier hunts in Final Fantasy 16, is definitely not as fun as it sounds. Of course, if you’ve been diligently plucking away at the Hunt Board in the game so far, you’re probably expecting that already. S-Tier hunts come with fewer clues to help you track down the location of your targets, and can be a bit of a headache if you’re not sure where you’re looking. So, let us help you with your Pandemonium problem.

Final Fantasy 16 – ‘Pandemonium’ Hunt Description

This is the fourth S-Tier bill you’ll come across in the game, following ‘The Breaker of Worlds‘, ‘Ruin Reawakened‘, and ‘The Tricephalic Terror‘. The bounty notice for Pandemonium reads:

‘Those few souls who were able to escape from Ash before the skies changed tell of Pandemonium, the King of the Orcs who led his fellow beastmen in revolt against Waloeder rule. Though his rebellion was swiftly crushed by King Barnabas’s armies, many of the orcs who now roam the Twins, sating their appetite for human flesh, bear his markings–suggesting that he still commands his forces today’. The location provided is: ???

Final Fantasy 16 - 'Pandemonium' Hunt Description

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Final Fantasy 16 – ‘Pandemonium’ Hunt Location

This S-Rank hunt is probably quite daunting at first, since all the game tells you about the location of Pandemonium is that he’s located on the continent of Ash. When you first receive this hunt, you’ll have just spent a lot of time traversing the entirety of the new area, and the thought of how enormous it is will be fresh in your mind. But aren’t you glad guides exist?

Pandemonium is located in a place where a lot of orcs gather, which if you remember from your first steps on Ash, is a fortified town not far from where you’re first dropped off, at the Shadow Coast.

The town is called Wolfdarr, and it’s only a short trek away. Pandemonium himself is located in an arena, which you can get to by taking a southwest-bound path at the north end of town. Refer to the map below for the exact location.

Final Fantasy 16 - 'Pandemonium' Hunt Location
The marker is where Pandemonium is located. Image: GamesHub via Square Enix

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Pandemonium himself is a Level 45 orc warlord, who specialises in teleporting around and casting dramatic area-of-effect spells.

But like The Tricephalic Terror, you’ll likely have fought multiple similar enemies throughout your treacherous journey in Ash, so its attack patterns should hopefully be familiar and predictable. Keep moving, watch your back, and keep your wits about you.

Good luck!

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