Two Point Campus: How to unlock Spiffinmoore magic school

Two Point Campus lets you live your wildest dreams as a witch or wizard – but you'll need to unlock Spiffinmoore first.
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Two Point Campus features a number of unique university premises for you to establish, each of which is themed after a particular lesson or activity. Hop into Noblestead if you’re looking to create an army of knights. Jump into Piazza Lanatra if you’re looking to create world-famous pizza. And if you’re looking to learn magic, you’ll want to visit Spiffinmoore, the game’s answer to the infamous magic school, Hogwarts.

Unlocking magic classes like Wizardry and Dark Art in Two Point Campus brings a lot of personality to the game. It also spices up campus life by providing students with the ability to cast hexes and other wonderful spells.

Unfortunately, you’ll need to jump through a few hoops before you attend magic school and teach your students the ancient arts.

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Spiffinmoore wizarding academy is only available after you’ve completed the first four campuses. You need to gain at least one star in Freshleigh Meadows, Piazza Lanatra, Mitton University and Noblestead before Spiffinmoore is automatically unlocked (along with Fluffborough).

As soon as you unlock this campus, you’ll meet an evil witch who curses your students and your classes, causing storms and illness to crop up frequently – and you’ll then be able to establish Wizardry and Dark Art classes. Unlocking them in this location will allow you to bring magic to your other campuses as well.

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Once you unlock Spiffinmoore, be aware that it’s one of the hardest campuses to complete. Early goals require plenty of deep planning, and students will need a combination of Pastoral Care, Medical care, and Private Tuition to get the required one-star score.

The second star is easy enough to clear, while the third star requires massive profits and happy staff.

Provide your staff and students with everything they need, and eventually, you’ll conquer the battleground of Spiffinmoore. It’s a hard-fought battle, but with a bit of patience, you can rule the wizarding world of Two Point Campus.

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