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Code-free game making tools to get you started

Don't let a lack of programming know-how hold you back from developing videogames.


What 2020 taught us about games (and life)

Screenhub catches up with some of the leading lights of the local games industry, to hear about the lessons they…


The surprising ways games challenge how people think about themselves and the world

Increasingly, console games help us question the ways we see, think or feel about the world, the game, even ourselves.


Best video games from Australia and Aotearoa in 2020

In a year defined by isolation, protest, pandemic, and uncertainty, these games galvanised us, fostered solidarity, and provided comfort.


Bringing Games Tech On Country with Luggarrah

As videogame technology becomes even more relevant to a wider range of industries, how do we ensure rural communities aren't…


Videogames have a conflict mineral problem

Violence in Central Africa is so bound up with the minerals used in consumer tech, some call it the PlayStation…

animal crossing new horizons

When artists found Animal Crossing: New Horizons, it became a whole new world

Artists are hosting incredible digital events through Animal Crossing: New Horizons, in a time when COVID-19 made meeting in person…


Video games that will make you see death differently this Halloween

The interactive medium can engage players in profound questions about grief, mortality, and what it means to move on.


From Twitch streamer to studio lead, Loriipops is changing games culture

Lorien Gugich will bring six years of partnered Twitch streaming, experience in production and community management, and a passion for…

Could you hurt a virtual animal?

Is violence against virtual animals an ethical issue?

Players can kill, hunt or hurt animals in popular games ranging from Animal Crossing to Grand Theft Auto. The rise…

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