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world of warcraft pet pack for ukraine

Blizzard launches World of Warcraft pet pack for Ukraine aid

The new Pet Pack for Ukraine will be available for purchase throughout July and August.

atomic heart video game ukraine russia

Ukraine government urges storefronts to remove Atomic Heart

The Ukraine government has warned that sales of Atomic Heart could contribute to Russia's war against Ukraine.

atomic heart review roundup mundfish

Atomic Heart composer Mick Gordon donates fee to Ukraine aid

Gordon has donated his earnings from Atomic Heart to the Red Cross' Ukraine Crisis Appeal.

apex legends ea microsoft activision blizzard russia

EA, Microsoft, Sony, and more pause sales to Russia

Major games industry leaders are currently cutting off support for Russia.

abortion rights indie game bundle

You can support Ukraine with this game bundle

Necrosoft's Bundle for Ukraine is raising funds to aid the humanitarian effort in the region.

ukraine charity bundle game developers

Video game companies are rallying behind Ukraine

A number of prominent game developers are currently raising funds to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine.

russia nhl 22 ukraine

EA removing Russia and Belarus from FIFA 22, NHL 22

The move is a direct response to the ongoing invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces.

halo infinite campaign trailer

Ukraine calls for Xbox, PlayStation to stop supporting Russian market

An open letter penned by the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine has called for Xbox and PlayStation to cut off…