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pokemon tcg card van gogh museum

The Pokemon Center is opening in Australia and New Zealand

The Pokemon Center is set to expand into Australia and New Zealand, following success in the US, UK, and Canada.

pokemon legends z-a 2025 screenshot

Pokemon Legends: Z-A launches "simultaneously" in 2025

Game Freak is currently working on the next big Pokemon adventure.

pokemon presents pokemon day february 2024

Pokemon Presents returns in late February 2024

"Exciting news" for Pokemon fans is reportedly on the way.

palworld pokemon company investigation

The Pokemon Company issues statement on Palworld

The Pokemon Company has issued a rare official statement on Palworld, indicating it is investigating the game.

palworld game nintendo dmca

Palworld mod showcase featuring Pokémon characters taken down by Nintendo

Nintendo is seemingly watching the development of Palworld closely, particularly as players begin working on mods.

palworld game pocketpair

Palworld developers remain unconcerned about Pokémon comparisons

Palworld developer Pocketpair isn't worried about legal fallout from Nintendo.

palworld pocketpair developers

Palworld has already sold 4 million copies, despite AI concerns

Palworld has become a major smash hit, despite some players voicing concerns about its artwork and character designs.

pokemon scarlet violet updates

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet to get new epilogue in January 2024

The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero Epilogue will conclude the events of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

pokemon scarlet violet synchro machine

Pokemon Scarlet/Violet's new DLC introduces direct Pokemon control

The Synchro Machine allows you to level up your Pokemon and explore the game's world in a whole new way.

pokemon tcg card van gogh museum

Van Gogh Museum pulls Pokemon promo card over safety concerns

The Pikachu with Grey Felt Hat promo card will return, but it will no longer be stocked by the Van…

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