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James pokemon tcg trading card game

The Pokemon Company is hiring an NFT and blockchain expert

The Pokémon Company International has posted a new job listing, seeking someone with knowledge and connections in the Web3 and…

game freak pocket card jockey pokemon

Game Freak wants to explore non-Pokemon games

Game Freak has enthused about the launch of Pocket Card Jockey: Ride On!, and promised non-Pokemon games in future.

kadabra pokemon tcg trading card game

Kadabra is finally returning to the Pokemon Trading Card Game

Kadabra will return from a two decade-long exile to finally join the Pokemon TCG again.

the pokemon company nft game lawsuit

Pokemon NFT game creators sued by The Pokemon Company

The Pokemon Company has filed a claim against Kotiota Studios for advertising a fake Pokemon NFT game.

pokemon tcg live app

Digital Pokemon TCG Live app launches in beta

Pokemon TCG Live is now available for download worldwide. Here's what to know about the app.

pokemon scarlet violet review

Everything announced during the latest Pokemon Presents

The latest Pokemon Presents was jam-packed with new details about Pokemon Scarlet, Violet, Unite, and Go.

pokemon arceus darkrai brilliant diamond shining pearl

Arceus and Darkrai have arrived in Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Arceus and Darkrai are both being added into Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl in a new update.

pokemon presents legends arceus

How to tune into the latest Pokemon Presents in Australia

The latest Pokemon Presents will take place on 28 February in Australia. Here's what to expect.

pokemon day arceus dlc

Pokemon Day celebration could feature Arceus DLC

The Pokemon Day celebrations will continue every day until 27 February.

pokemon first person shooter fps

The Pokemon Company DMCAs 'Pokemon FPS' fan game

A 'Pokemon First Person Shooter' fan game has been hit with multiple DMCA claims as The Pokemon Company attempts to…

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