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palworld pokemon company investigation

The Pokemon Company issues statement on Palworld

The Pokemon Company has issued a rare official statement on Palworld, indicating it is investigating the game.

nintendo wii u 3ds

Nintendo Wii U and 3DS online service closure date confirmed for April 2024

Nintendo has confirmed the date players will lose access to Nintendo online services on Wii U and 3DS.

palworld game nintendo dmca

Palworld mod showcase featuring Pokémon characters taken down by Nintendo

Nintendo is seemingly watching the development of Palworld closely, particularly as players begin working on mods.

palworld game pocketpair

Palworld developers remain unconcerned about Pokémon comparisons

Palworld developer Pocketpair isn't worried about legal fallout from Nintendo.

super mario bros ces 2024 ai mario

Nintendo was "not involved" with AI Mario spotted at CES 2024

An off-model Mario powered by artificial intelligence appeared at CES 2024 – but it was not a Nintendo product.

best of 2023 nintendo games zelda mario

The Best Nintendo Games of 2023

Nintendo had a roaring 2023, with multiple excellent titles in the Mario and Zelda franchises.

nintendo live 2024 cancelled

Nintendo Live 2024 and Splatoon event cancelled due to safety concerns

Nintendo has cancelled a number of events in Japan over safety fears for staff and attendees.

animal crossing christmas

Christmas Gift Guide 2023: Video Game Gifts for Nintendo Fans

This Christmas, treat your Nintendo-loving pals to new goodies like books, gaming accessories, plushes, and more.

Jet Force Gemini Nintendo Switch Online

Adults-only Nintendo Switch Online app to release for Goldeneye, Jet Force Gemini

The Japan-only app will support the N64 games arriving on the Switch's classic catalog to appease local classification laws.

super mario rpg nintendo direct

Super Mario RPG Guide – Tips for the early game

Kick off your adventures in Super Mario RPG on the right foot.

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