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Elden Ring fromsoftware

Elden Ring patch 1.06 introduces new buffs, Bloodhound skill tweak

Elden Ring update 1.06 has introduced a number of major changes, including tweaks to overpowered abilities.

elden ring survival mode

Elden Ring was the most viewed game launch on Youtube

FromSoftware’s Elden Ring takes the top spot as the most popular game launch in terms of views on YouTube content

elden ring game piano controller

Elden Ring player completes game by playing piano

An Elden Ring player has done the impossible: beaten the game using a piano controller.

elden ring let me solo her reward

Elden Ring player 'Let Me Solo Her' rewarded sword from Bandai Namco

Let Me Solo Her recently hit a major milestone when they defeat Elden Ring boss Malenia for the 1,000th time.

elden ring vyke

Elden Ring data miner discovers major cut player quest

An Elden Ring data miner has discovered an entire quest line dedicated to game cover star, Vyke.

elden ring survival mode

New Elden Ring mod gives you diseases, starvation

A new Elden Ring mod has added a unique Survival Mode to the game, in case the game's difficulty isn't…

elon musk has shared his elden ring character build, and it's pretty awful

Elon Musk shared his Elden Ring character build, and it's kinda awful

Elon Musk has shared his Elden Ring character build with the world via Twitter, and he's caused quite a bit…

elden ring co-op mode mod

Elden Ring co-op mode created by modder, launch soon

An Elden Ring modder has implemented a new, seamless co-op mode into the PC version of the game.

Elden Ring patch notes tutorial

Elden Ring has now sold 13.4 million copies globally

Elden Ring has officially sold 13.4 million copies worldwide, putting it on a great track to surpass every other Souls…

elden ring darth vader star wars

Elden Ring players mod Darth Vader into the game

Darth Vader has officially invaded Elden Ring, thanks to a stunning new mod.

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