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Gunbrella Review

Gunbrella review – A cinematic noir with dazzling flow

Gunbrella is a cinematic noir story of revenge, elevated by sleek platforming mechanics and a gorgeous world.

wizard with a gun game

Wizard with a Gun gets fresh, chaotic trailer

Wizard with a Gun has shown off new ammo crafting and traversal in its latest trailer.

gunbrella doinksoft

Doinksoft's Gunbrella launches in September 2023

Gunbrella is set to launch for PC and Nintendo Switch very soon.

gunbrella doinksoft

Doinksoft's Gunbrella was inspired by Kirby and Batman

From these unique inspirations, the grim and gritty world of Gunbrella was formed.

starfield bethesda video games game releases september 2023

Summer Game Fest 2023 - Schedule of showcases and events

Here's every video game event and showcase confirmed to air in June 2023 so far.

devolver digital atari big festival brazil 2023

BIG Festival 2023 will feature Atari and Devolver Digital

Brazil's International Games Festival officially returns in June 2023.

steam next fest demos cosmic wheel sisterhood

The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood stars gal pals, branching tales, and DIY tarot

A narrative adventure game combined with custom tarot card reading mechanics set The Cosmic Wheel Sisterhood up for some big…

karmazoo game

KarmaZoo is a co-op platformer game for nice people

KarmaZoo requires ten players, all working together to achieve harmony and harvest karma.

tentacular psvr2 review

Tentacular (PSVR2) review – Slippery little sucker

Tentacular is a wacky, puzzling kaiju simulator with a complex outer narrative.

gunbrella game adventure

Devolver Digital acquires Gunbrella studio, Doinksoft

Devolver Digital announced the acquisition of Doinksoft on social media.

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