Cult of the Lamb: Everything new in Sins of the Flesh

Cult of the Lamb is getting its latest free expansion on 16 January 2024.
Cult of the Lamb: Sins of the Flesh

Cult of the Lamb is set to introduce new quests, resources, features, and improvements with its latest update, Sins of the Flesh, launching on 16 January 2024. This upcoming expansion will be free to download, and is being described as the “biggest and most wicked” content update yet, providing plenty of reasons to return to your flock.

As detailed by developer Massive Monster and publisher Devolver Digital, Sins of the Flesh is headlined by a new sin-based progression system, which aims to add more depth to cult management. In your quest for glory, you’ll be able to “delight in gluttonous rituals, vain buildings, and wrathful doctrines” with each pulling your Followers along a more sinful path. Notably, these acts will allow you to create tiers of Followers, with only the most loyal being indoctrinated to become your Disciples.

As well as the inclusion of this new progression system, Sins of the Flesh will introduce an array of changes to life in your cult. Shiny poops are set to arrive shortly, with these generating special effects, like yielding better crops and providing additional XP for brooms.

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There will also be a range of new, “bigger” buildings available once the update lands, with these contributing to easier, faster chores, and overall better automation of your cult processes. According to Massive Monster, these will allow your Followers to take better care of themselves.

And speaking of better care – apparently that also includes the ability for your Followers to procreate. As promised, the so-called “sex update” will allow your Followers to become close, and then find an egg together. That egg will eventually hatch, and this offspring may pledge allegiance to your cult as they age.

Beyond these major features, Sins of the Flesh will also introduce an array of extra collectibles – including a new weapon, and several new outfits.

The Blunderbuss will now be available to grab in dungeon loops, and this “fires big damage in close quarters,” allowing a new style of combat.

While you’re away using your new weapon, you can also rest assured that your Followers will be kept well occupied by new cult fashions and accessories. As revealed, Sins of the Flesh will introduce a new Tailor building which allows you to create special outfits for your Followers to wear.

You can expect all of these features to land when Cult of the Lamb‘s free Sins of the Flesh update launches for PC and consoles on 16 January 2024.

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