David Wildgoose

David Wildgoose is a freelance video games critic. In a bygone age he was editor of legendary Australian games magazines HYPER and PC PowerPlay, as well as the Australian edition of international games blog Kotaku. He hopes to one day play a sequel to Far Cry 2. Twitter: @davidwildgoose

David's Latest Articles

Stray review pc ps5

Stray Review - So Exquisitely, Believably Cat-like

Between the naturalistic traversal, the aloof nature of your protagonist, and the little details, Stray gets so much right about…

Dread Delusion PC Review Key Art

Dread Delusion Review - An alluring unknown

Dread Delusion is a fascinating open-world RPG, with countless mysteries that feel tantalisingly out of reach.

Please Fix The Road PC review

Please Fix The Road Review - Exploding with delight

Beautiful, charming, smartly-designed and a joy to play, Please Fix The Road is one of 2022's best puzzle games.

Silt game review PC

Silt Review - An ocean of melancholy

A minimalist aquatic puzzle game with some wonderfully striking imagery though there are only hints of something deeper.

citizen sleeper and capitalism

On Citizen Sleeper and precarious survival in a capitalist world

Though removed from present reality, Citizen Sleeper deftly captures the uncertainty of living life and simply facing the day ahead.

The Last Express by Jordan Mechner on its 25th Anniversary

The Last Express is as mesmerising and relevant as ever, 25 years later

It was a remarkable feat of video game artistry in 1997, and much of what The Last Express accomplished remains…

Elden Ring fromsoftware
Opinions & Analysis

Elden Ring is made more approachable by its community

Elden Ring is the most generous Souls game to date, but what really makes it welcoming is the enormous community…

Pupperazzi review

Pupperazzi review - Doggone disappointed

Despite the clever name and charming atmosphere, taking photos of canines in Pupperazzi is a flat, fleeting experience.

Grow: Song of the Evertree Review

Grow: Song of the Evertree Review - Off to work we go

Grow: Song of the Evertree is an earnest, calming game full of pressure-free busywork, where you can find pleasure in…

Call of Duty: Vanguard review

Call of Duty: Vanguard Campaign Review - War never changes

Vanguard’s campaign recalls the same shooting galleries seen year after year, full of cliches and with somehow even less point…

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