David Wildgoose

David Wildgoose is a freelance video games critic. In a bygone age he was editor of legendary Australian games magazines HYPER and PC PowerPlay, as well as the Australian edition of international games blog Kotaku. He hopes to one day play a sequel to Far Cry 2. Twitter: @davidwildgoose

David's Latest Articles

Colossal Cave Roberta Williams Key Art

Colossal Cave Review

Colossal Cave sees famed game designer Roberta Williams bring a 1970s text adventure game to life. And it's a peculiar,…

David Wildgoose Best of 2022 Elden Ring

David Wildgoose on his Game of the Year for 2022: Elden Ring

Longtime games critic and journalist David Wildgoose reflects on his 2022 in video games. Well, one video game, really.

Pentiment game review xbox pc

Pentiment review - Making history

Pentiment is a sophisticated work of historical fiction, an adventure steeped in conscientious period detail, with a setting that feels…

Alone in the Dark 1992 30th anniversary retrospective

Alone in the Dark turns 30: The history of the original survival horror game

Resident Evil, Silent Hill, and the horror games of today owe much to a game called Alone in the Dark.…

Signalis PC Game Review Key Art

Signalis review – 1990s survival horror resurrected

Signalis modernises traditional survival horror ideas, and crafts a pleasingly mysterious and aesthetic journey.

Gloomwood Steam Early Access Review Key Art

Gloomwood understands its immersive sim lineage, but still stands in its shadow

Gloomwood melds plenty of great ideas from the PC immersive sims of old, but its Early Access phase doesn’t paint…

The Looker

The Looker, The Witness, and the art of affectionate parody

More than just a piss-take, The Looker, created by Bradley Lovell, is a tongue-in-cheek love letter to Jonathon Blow's opus,…

Stray review pc ps5

Stray Review - So Exquisitely, Believably Cat-like

Between the naturalistic traversal, the aloof nature of your protagonist, and the little details, Stray gets so much right about…

Dread Delusion PC Review Key Art

Dread Delusion Review - An alluring unknown

Dread Delusion is a fascinating open-world RPG, with countless mysteries that feel tantalisingly out of reach.

Please Fix The Road PC review

Please Fix The Road Review - Exploding with delight

Beautiful, charming, smartly-designed and a joy to play, Please Fix The Road is one of 2022's best puzzle games.

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