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Nintendo Switch Sports review

Nintendo Switch Sports Review - Now THIS is esports

Approachable controls combined with ranked online multiplayer makes Nintendo Switch Sports an exciting outlet for high-stakes competition.

xbox game developers

Microsoft will address Xbox server outages in new update

A major Xbox server issue has caused widespread outages for players, and prevented some from playing games they own.

duke nukeum forever build

Duke Nukem Forever build from 2001 leaks online

The leaked build of the game appears to be from the original development cycle, before it was reworked for modern…

pubg mobile baby shark

PUBG Mobile and Baby Shark are crossing over once again

The not-so-kid-friendly PUBG Mobile is teaming up with the very-kid-friendly Baby Shark for a wild battle royale crossover.

lord of the rings multiversus

Lord of the Rings mobile game coming from EA in 2022

The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-Earth is currently in development at EA Capital Games, and is described as…

disco elysium narrative writing toxicity allegations

How a collaborative writing process birthed Disco Elysium

Disco Elysium was written with collaboration and experimentation in mind – a process which allowed the team to thrive.

destiny 2 showcase

Bungie, Double Fine take strong stance for abortion rights

As gaming 'fans' decried Bungie and Double Fine for supporting abortion rights, both companies have doubled down on their stances.

queen golden nintendo wii

The Queen's Golden Nintendo Wii is up for auction (again)

The Queen's golden Wii was originally created as a gift in 2009 – but was rejected due to Royal Palace…

xbox game pass rival game sales q3 2023 finanicla results

Xbox reportedly launching standalone cloud streaming device for TVs

The planned device could reportedly replace the need for an Xbox entirely – although keen punters in Australia shouldn't hold…

genshin impact game nintendo switch release date

Genshin Impact is still coming to Nintendo Switch

Genshin Impact was announced for Nintendo Switch in 2020 – but its path to release hasn't been smooth.

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