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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor politely warns against breaking the game

If you enter an area you're not supposed to reach, Jedi: Survivor will provide you with a clean save, and a polite warning.
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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a sweeping adventure that takes you from the lush alien world of Koboh, across dusty desert plains, and through a hostile galaxy – but while it features a semi-open world journey, there are early areas in the game you’ll need to earn access to. In regular gameplay, these are unlocked by playing through the main story, finding helpful items, and discovering new Force abilities.

Should you attempt to cross certain ravines, or jump across gaps that should be out reach, the game will usually throw up a ‘black out’ on the edges of the screen, and force a reload. That said, some wily players have managed to circumvent these reloads using tricky exploits, or just chancing near-impossible leaps.

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Thankfully, Respawn Entertainment was seemingly aware of this possibility when developing the game – as any sequence-breaking moves will actually generate a major warning for players.

As revealed by Twitch streamer Joseph Anderson, any foray into lands that should be blocked off will lead to a unique in-game message detailing the consequences of continuing beyond a ‘sequence break’ area.


‘You seem to have bypassed certain story elements. Continuing to play from this may encounter issues,’ the warning reads. ‘If you choose to proceed anyway, loading any future Saves from the Title Screen will give you the option to reload prior to this point.’

The player is then given two options, to load from the last ‘good’ save, which may result in lost progress, or to ‘continue in the broken state’. Per the warning, this may lead to the game becoming broken, or other unexpected issues.

According to reporting from Kotaku, Anderson continued beyond this warning during a recent livestream, and while the game continued running briefly as normal, it eventually soft-locked. Anderson wasn’t able to progress further due to a lack of additional traversal abilities, and pushing further in led to a hard freeze, and the need to force-quit the game.

In other areas of Jedi: Survivor, Anderson reportedly found similar progress blocks, put into place to maintain the sequence order of story events. Given the game is very narrative-focussed, and players could potentially spoil the entire experience by skipping towards the end, or into areas that should be inaccessible, this kind of warning makes sense.

Respawn has clearly thought about its audience, and the potential ways keen speedrunners and sequence-breakers could hop in to disrupt the flow. With a polite warning about what to expect in the wilds of the game, this inclusion in Jedi: Survivor might just save a curious player or two.

It should go without saying, but if you encounter this message in your travels, be cautious about continuing beyond the game’s recommended bounds.

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