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Capcom Showcase 2022 Summer Game Fest Resident Evil Village Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Resident Evil Village releasing on new iPhone 15 Pro in October, with free trial

The 2021 survival horror game is part of Apple's push for the iPhone 15 Pro to be taken seriously as…

Apple Design Awards 2023

Apple Design Awards 2023 - Winners and Finalists

The Apple Design Awards for 2023 include games like Marvel Snap, Resident Evil Village, Diablo Immortal, Knotwords, Hindsight, and more.

playstation vr2 impressions preview

PlayStation VR2 will debut at the Tokyo Game Show 2022

The Tokyo Game Show 2022 will introduce the world to the latest VR device.

resident evil capcom salary wages

Capcom reveals Lady Dimitrescu gameplay for Resident Evil Village

Players will be able to embody three iconic Resident Evil characters in new content for Village.

Resident Evil Village Shadows of Rose

Resident Evil Village gets new story expansion, third-person mode

A new story for Resident Evil Village was announced, as well as a new third-person perspective for the game.

capcom game countdown

Capcom is teasing something major with mystery countdown

Speculation is mounting as Capcom begins counting down to a mysterious date.

capcom financial report 2021

Capcom report highlights record 35% year-on-year growth

Capcom has reported a blockbuster financial year, with 35 per cent year-on-year growth noted in 2021


Resident Evil Village Review: Straight-faced self-parody

Drawing upon its most successful designs over the last twenty years, Village is a masterfully executed, but stagnant work.