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karlach baldur's gate 3 ending update

Baldur's Gate 3 looks to introduce cross-platform mod support

Representatives of Larian Studios confirm there's a "robust, cross-platform plan for mod support".

tomb raider remastered fan modder development

Tomb Raider I-III Remastered development was led by fan modder

A Tomb Raider fan led development of the highly-praised remastered trilogy.

palworld game nintendo dmca

Palworld mod showcase featuring Pokémon characters taken down by Nintendo

Nintendo is seemingly watching the development of Palworld closely, particularly as players begin working on mods.

baldur's gate 3 mod aylin nexusmods

Homophobic Baldur's Gate 3 mod removed by Nexus Mods

The mod in question attempted to erase representation of LGBTQIA+ characters in the game.

starfield update dlc story expansion

Nexus Mods bans Starfield mod that removed pronoun options

"Hosting this mod was not for us and it is certainly within our rights not to host content on our…

vasco thomas the tank engine

Starfield mod turns Vasco into Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas the Tank Engine has crash-landed in Starfield, thanks to a wily modder.

Grand Theft Auto v take-two layoffs

Take-Two reportedly nukes GTA 5 dialogue mod powered by AI

The AI-powered mod was reportedly taken down after thousands of downloads.

grimace shake skyrim

Skyrim mod introduces the Grimace Shake to Tamriel

Drink the Grimace Shake, and you may not live to regret it.

stardew valley mods modding how to

How to easily mod Stardew Valley on PC

Modding Stardew Valley is extremely easy, and very rewarding. If you're looking for new ways to play, this is the…

skyblivion skyrim oblivion mod release date

Skyrim fan mod that remasters Oblivion sets 2025 release date

A long-awaited fan mod translating the world of Oblivion into Skyrim has set a firm release date.

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