Baldur’s Gate 3 looks to introduce cross-platform mod support

Representatives of Larian Studios confirm there's a "robust, cross-platform plan for mod support".
karlach baldur's gate 3 ending update

Baldur’s Gate 3 is seeking to provide more concrete support for modders moving forward, with a cross-platform plan confirmed to be in the works at Larian Studios.

In a post on Twitter / X, Larian Studios’ Director of Publishing Michael Douse commented on the latest Hotfix announcement, noting how it has affected existing mods.

“We generally don’t talk about things til they’re ready, but as you may have read, we’re making an exception,” he wrote. “We’ve been working on a robust, cross-platform plan for mod support to be released later in year. We love our modding community and we want to support them. It’s coming.”

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Despite widespread appreciation for the frequency of the patches, updates and hotfixes that Larian Studios has been rolling out regularly for Baldur’s Gate 3, the modding community have been vocal about how frequently these patches break or affect mods.

It looks, however, like hope may be on the horizon for those players and modders who seek a more seamless, compatible mod integration experience.

In the Discord, per IGN, Larian senior community strategist WombatMedic posted: “We’re aiming to offer modding support for things like classes, UI, customisation, spells, and certain assets and game mechanics.”

Both WombatMedic and Douse stressed that while there’s a system in development, it will require more time and work before it’s rolled out to the public.

“We have a system but it needs to be tested and still requires work. We’re excited about it,” wrote Douse, while WombatMedic specified that the initial stages of modding support will likely not come until the next big patch – which is still several months away.

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