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Cult of the Lamb game development unity report

Unity report reveals game developers are becoming more efficient

A new report from Unity has revealed surprising trends in global game development.

Opinions & Analysis

The importance of face-to-face games industry events

Ahead of GDC 2023, IGEA CEO Ron Curry reflects on the success of taking Australian developers to Gamescom 2022.

gex game jam

Celebrate Gex Week with this Gex-themed game jam

The unofficial Gex Week is kicking off with a special game jam for fans of the wise-cracking lizard.

heroes of the storm game

Blizzard lead quits in protest of unfair 'bell curve' employee rankings

Brian Birmingham, lead software engineer at Blizzard for nearly two decades, has quit the company due to harsh employee policies.

darkwebSTREAMER interview with Chantal Ryan

Probing darkwebSTREAMER's take on streaming culture

darkwebSTREAMER explores the lengths live streamers will go to for attention. Its creator, Chantal Ryan, spoke to us under the…

red dead online rockstar

The UK games industry has grown 31% since 2016

The rise in UK game companies coincides with a growing player base, and mainstream enthusiasm for games.

Bayonetta 3 voice acting controversy

Voice actors reflect on Bayonetta 3 controversy – has anything changed? 

The furore that surrounded Bayonetta 3 highlighted the issue of fair pay for voice actors. We spoke to some voice…

Wylde Flowers Conscious Voice over acting Casting

Conscious casting in the world of voice over acting

While the stage and screen industries are shifting towards a colour-conscious casting culture, the voiceover world is only just catching…

Jerry Lawson Google Doodle 1 December 2022

Google Doodle celebrates Jerry Lawson, game cartridge inventor

Hop into the Google Doodle for 1 December to learn an essential lesson about video game history.

Before We Leave New Zealand game studio

New Zealand investing over $2 million a year in game development

New Zealand games will get a major boost with new government funding on the way.

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