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freeplay parallels virtual exhibition space

Freeplay Festival secures future with funding from Creative Victoria

Australia's beloved independent games festival Freeplay has received a significant funding grant from Creative Victoria, securing its future.

freeplay parallels 2022

Freeplay: Parallels 2022 - Everything we learned

Freeplay: Parallels was a time to celebrate small local games, and learn some much-needed lessons.

Freeplay Parallels 2022

Freeplay: Parallels returns in 2022 to showcase new Australian games

The showcase of artful, independent Australian games returns in 2022 as a physical event.

all the big game events in 2022 australia

All the Big Video Game Events in 2022

There's a ton of video game events happening throughout 2022. Here's the ones we're keeping track of.

freeplay games festival

Freeplay announces 2021 'micro-scale' game commissions

Freeplay is currently showcasing a range of commissioned micro-games made by local Victorian developers.

freeplay parallels virtual exhibition space

God, give me a body: How virtual events and museums can be better

In the lockdown era, virtual galleries and exhibitions strive for true-to-life immersion, but they're missing one key element. The video…

gamifying grief

Gamifying grief: learning how to say goodbye through video games

A new batch of game developers are turning loss into a playable experience in a way in order to explore…

Monomyth and the hero's journey in video games

The Hero's Journey and Monomyth: Does it work for all games?

The classic idea of the Hero's Journey can be mapped easily to film and literature, but what about interactive games?…

Billy Dent will discuss their game Monomyth at Freeplay's 2021 Parallels showcase

Freeplay announces 2021 Parallels showcase lineup: a celebration of personal games

Freeplay's Parallels showcase is an annual celebration of heartfelt games and the people who make them. The 2021 lineup is…

The Quiet Year, by Avery Alder

What are games for, if not community, collaboration and creativity?

Amidst an ongoing pandemic and the enlightening talks of the 2021 Freeplay Independent Games Festival, Stephen Pham reflects on what…

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