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Electronic Arts

Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile devs discuss surprising community response

Following their iPhone Game of the Year win, Apex Legends Mobile developers discuss the community response to their unique take…

fifa ea

FIFA 23 unlocks a month early for select beta players

EA has claimed anyone who shares footage of the game or streams the action will be banned.

Black Panther game EA

Black Panther open-world game reportedly in the works at EA

The existence of a single-player, open-world game based on the Marvel hero Black Panther is reportedly in the works at…

Skate 4

Everything you need to know about Skate 4, sorry, I mean 'Skate'

The new Skate game from EA is in active development, with studio Full Circle being very transparent about the game's…

Skate 4

Play Skate 4 as an early playtester, and you can help shape the game

The developers of Skate 4 are inviting players to help playtest and provide feedback on the game while it's in…

ea pride month statement

EA releases Pride Month statement following backlash

EA has finally released a statement in support of Pride following a strange period of silence and controversy.

It Takes Two is getting a screen adaptation

It Takes Two is being adapted for film and TV via Sonic screenwriters

It Takes Two, the cooperative adventure from Hazelight Studios, has been picked up for a screen adaptation by dj2 Entertainment.

battlefield call of duty sony filing

EA plans Battlefield 'universe' as developer changes ramp up

Following the launch of Battlefield 2042, EA and DICE are planning major changes for the franchise.

Battlefield 2042 review BF2042

Battlefield 2042 Review - Everything and nothing

Battlefield 2042 attempts to distil everything about what first-person shooters have become in recent times, while also not committing to…

ea games blockchain nfts

EA claims NFTs and blockchain are 'the future' of the games industry

Andrew Wilson, CEO of EA, has shared his thoughts on NFTs and blockchain games in an earnings call.

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