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The Sims 4 Home Chef Hustle

The Sims 4: Home Chef Hustle is a foodie's dream

The Sims 4: Home Chef Hustle overhauls in-game cooking, making the process far more involved and rewarding.

fifa 23 ultimate team packs gambling loot boxes

EA has delisted recent FIFA games from digital storefronts

EA Sports FC 24 is set to launch later in September 2023.

star wars jedi survivor review

Star Wars Jedi 3 is officially on the way, per Cal Kestis actor

The next game in the Star Wars Jedi series is reportedly in active development, with Cal Kestis set to return.

the sims 5 ea free-to-play

The Sims 5 will be free to play, confirms EA

After months of rumours, EA has officially confirmed the status of The Sims 5.

ascendant studios immortals of aveum ea

Immortals of Aveum studio lays off 45% of workforce

Ascendant Studios has reportedly been gutted due to low sales of Immortals of Aveum.

star wars jedi survivor stig asmussen game director

Star Wars Jedi game director Stig Asmussen departs Respawn

Stig Asmussen was the game director for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and its sequel, Survivor.

sims 4 ea poolside splash

The Sims 4: Poolside Splash and Modern Luxe Kits are coming soon

The latest Sims 4 kits introduce pool party glamour, and modern bedroom flourishes.

star wars jedi survivor ea spoilers

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor gets major 60 FPS, DLSS update

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor should be a more stable game following its latest patch overhaul.

best sims 4 game expansions

The Sims 4: Poolside Splash and Modern Luxe Kits leak

The latest kits for The Sims 4 have seemingly leaked online. Here's what we know.

dragon age dreadwolf game

Dragon Age: Dreadwolf allegedly hit with internal delays

A new report claims BioWare is struggling to lock in a release date for the latest Dragon Age.

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