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If you’ve been a regular visitor to ScreenHub, you may have noticed that we’ve been increasing our coverage of video games. We’ve been stepping up coverage of Australia’s burgeoning local development industry, game titles from studios both here and overseas, as well as putting a bigger spotlight on the creatives behind it all. 

There’s a reason for that. Today, the ArtsHub group will be introducing a new member to the family: GamesHub. 

GamesHub will be a daily video game news, features and reviews website, dedicated to creating smart and approachable coverage of the games industry.

No matter what your experience with video games, GamesHub will be the resource for you to learn more about them and the people who make them.

GamesHub will retain the same core ethos as ArtsHub and ScreenHub, with its focus on exploring games as creative works first and foremost, and a commitment to comprehensive coverage of the Australian sector.

This includes locally developed titles and the people creating them, the policy and issues affecting them, the commercial publishing market, and the public’s relationship with games.

For those working in the games industry, we’ll provide a means to discover the latest jobs, information about courses and education, as well as insightful career advice from developers and industry workers from both Australia and abroad.

However, GamesHub’s scope of coverage will include the global games industry as well – video games are a universal medium after all, and we believe that the strength of the Australian games industry is in its export potential.  

GamesHub will provide incisive coverage of significant games both big and small, from the latest blockbuster you see plastered on the side of your bus, to the next big thing from a solo developer situated here at home.

The bulk of this expert coverage, analysis, and criticism will come from professional Australian writers who collectively have decades of experience in the games media. But, more importantly, GamesHub will actively seek to find, foster, publish and promote new voices and perspectives in Australian games writing.

In fact, we’ve already begun that process with Wordplay, our games writing mentorship program. 

WordPlay is a partnership between GamesHub and Creative Victoria via Melbourne International Games Week. They are longstanding champions of the local games industry whose values we strongly identify with, and we couldn’t be prouder to have them as partners for the launch of GamesHub.

Speaking personally, I couldn’t be more excited about the direction that GamesHub is taking, especially the values we’re adopting as part of our core from the get-go. 

The video game industry has never been in a stronger or more exciting place than it is in 2021, and the breadth and depth of what is possible with the medium has never been more interesting. On behalf of GamesHub and the teams at ArtsHub and ScreenHub, thank you for your support. We can’t wait to share our love and enthusiasm for video games with you. 

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Edmond was the founding managing editor of GamesHub. He was also previously at GameSpot for 13 years, where he was the Australian Editor and an award-winning video producer. You can follow him @EdmondTran