Warcraft Rumble is launching worldwide in November 2023

Warcraft Rumble, the mobile action-strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment, will launch during BlizzCon 2023.
Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a new mobile game from Blizzard

Warcraft Rumble, the mobile action-strategy game spin-off set in the iconic world of Azeroth, has nabbed a worldwide launch for iOS and Android on 3 November 2023, after a brief beta period in select regions. The launch coincides with the return of BlizzCon 2023, a fan-focused event bringing together the Blizzard community for a celebration of the studio’s most popular work.

As noted by Blizzard, Warcraft Rumble is the first Warcraft game designed for mobile, with the franchise’s classic gameplay adapted into miniature battles.

“In taverns from Winterspring to Booty Bay, Horde and Alliance alike are gathering around a marvellous new machine, which brings miniature versions of their famous heroes and villains to life to do battle in strategic, frantic skirmishes,” the game’s official description reads.

As the commander of a mini army, you’ll be corralling various heroes, villains, and creatures from the Warcraft mythology, and leading them against other players (AI or in competitive modes). There’s also a complete single-player campaign to conquer, with each stage presenting a strategy-based battle-puzzle to solve.

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While players in regions including Australia have already gotten a chance to get hands-on with Warcraft Rumble, November will open the floodgates for everyone. That means fresh competition, and the start of new content waves, as more players discover the game and master its many strategic intricacies.

To celebrate the official worldwide launch, Blizzard is giving away free 3D-printer blueprints for many of the characters featured in Warcraft Rumble, allowing players to build their own custom set of figurines. The first figures include Jaina Proudmoore, and a bunch of other Alliance members – with more to come every Monday over the next few weeks.

In addition to free giveaways, Blizzard has also announced that players of World of Warcraft can now find arcade machines in the taverns of the four major Dragonflight zones, Valdrakken, Orgrimmar and Stormwind, with each offering special Rumble Coins and Rumble Foils, which allow customisation of minis in Warcraft Rumble.

Players worldwide can now pre-register for access to Warcraft Rumble via the game’s newly-launched website.

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