Australians spent AUD $4.4 billion on video games in 2023

Video game and game hardware sales rose 5% year-on-year, despite ongoing economic hardship.
video game spending 2022

The Interactive Games and Entertainment Association (IGEA) has reported a steady 5% growth in Australian consumer spending on video games and game hardware in 2023, with AUD $4.4 billion spent on digital games, at traditional retail, and on mobile.

IGEA’s latest reports reveal digital sales make up the bulk of purchases, with AUD $1.67 billion spent on this segment, up 11% from 2022. Mobile game spending follows swiftly behind, with AUD $1.58 billion spent. Traditional retail remains popular, with AUD $1.15 billion spent, but it’s worth noting there has been a 0.5% decline in retail spending year-on-year.

A significant portion of the reported spending pertains to in-game purchases (AUD $823.5 million), full games (AUD $517 million) and subscriptions (AUD $329.5 million), with hardware, full game software, and first-party peripherals (ie. headsets and controllers) making up the rest of consumer spending.

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Australian spending on video games remains steady

igea 2023 games snapshot

The stability revealed in IGEA’s report is significant. In a year of economic hardship, video game and hardware sales have proved to be steady. Sales continuing to grow marginally, despite cost of living pressures and other financial crises.

“The Australian consumer sales data has shown us this year that video games are here to stay,” Ron Curry, CEO of IGEA said. “Digital sales are up 11%, traditional bricks-and-mortar up half a percent, and overall, a growth of nearly 200 million dollars over 2022 sales … Australians love to play video games, whether it be to connect with family and friends, to relax, or for entertainment.”

As noted by Curry, subscription services suggest an ongoing passion for gaming with family and friends, but “with over $900 million spent on full-game software, traditional retail and online retail continue to be the cornerstone of distribution to a consumer base that continues to grow.”

Despite the economic pressures facing businesses and individuals, there is a steady outlook for video games and gaming hardware sales into the future. In tough times, there will always be need for catharsis and escape, and video games certainly provide that avenue – even if budgets must stretch to accomodate them.

You can view the full Australian Consumer Video Games 2023 Snapshot on the IGEA website.

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