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Total War: Star Wars reportedly in development

Star Wars may be getting a Total War spin-off from Creative Assembly.
star wars total war spin-off

Creative Assembly is reportedly working on a Star Wars spin-off of its popular Total War series, with this project in development alongside two other Total War games. The news was first reported by DualShockers, which alleged Creative Assembly is returning to more fantasy-oriented roots, following the release of the more “grounded” Total War: Pharaoh.

DualShockers was not able to confirm which of Creative Assembly’s reported projects are furthest ahead in development, although it did note that updates for Pharaoh remain a high priority for the studio. In future, this game is expected to get a major update expanding the campaign map, and adding in “more cultures and ways of engaging in glorious strategic conquest.”

It’s believed that attention may shift to new Total War games following this update, with a Star Wars spin-off potentially progressing. While it’s important to underline that nothing has been confirmed yet, a Total War: Star Wars game is brimming with galactic potential.

What we want from a Total War: Star Wars game

Should DualShockers‘ report prove accurate, a Total War: Star Wars game could be the project to turn Creative Assembly’s fortunes around. In recent years, the studio has endured a range of challenges – including a raft of layoffs, and the cancellation of high-profile heist game Hyenas. Total War: Star Wars is a tantalising prospect, in that regard.

The potential success is in the name, really. Star Wars is littered with iconic battles, on all levels of the galaxy. You’ve got the Clone Wars, which involved the Jedi and the Kaminoan Clone troopers. You’ve got countless TIE Fighter dogfights in space. You could even get the Gungans and Jar Jar Binks involved. Being able to control any of these factions in wars for or against the Galactic Empire would be fantastic.

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There’s plenty to mine here, and ample opportunity to tell new tales in the Star Wars universe. Conceptually, the popular franchise would fit the vibe of Total War very well, with its faction-based gameplay being easy to visualise. It’s also fair to say that Star Wars fans would snap up the opportunity for a new warfare-based game.

At this stage, we know Creative Assembly has multiple projects in the works, one of which may be the aforementioned Total War: Star Wars spin-off. As always, it’s best to take rumours with a grain of salt, but this concept is very intriguing, regardless of confirmation. Should Creative Assembly have a Star Wars spin-off in development, there’ll be plenty of excitement on the way.

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