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THRASHER is the new sensory rhythm game from Thumper co-creator

The co-creator, artist and composer of Thumper has revealed a spiritual successor for VR platforms.

One of the developers behind the critically acclaimed “rhythm violence” game Thumper has revealed a followup, Thrasher, at The Game Awards 2023. The game will be released on Meta Quest and Steam VR platforms in 2024.

Thrasher is being developed by Brian Gibson and Mike Mandel, working under the studio name Puddle. Gibson was one of the co-creators of Thumper, and notably responsible for its art and music. He is also a bassist for the noise rock band Lightning Bolt.

Mandel on the other hand, previously worked for Harmonix on rhythm titles like Fuser, Rock Band VR, and Fantasia: Music Evolved.

The reveal trailer for Thrasher depicts ominous, metallic environments much like Thumper, thanks to Gibson’s influence, though the mechanics appear to be more freeform and free of the “track” that existed in that game. We can assume that Thrasher is likely to capitalise more on the freeform, gesture-based movement controls afforded by VR.

“Use elegant gestural controls to swoop, dash and thrash across the void at breakneck speed,” reads the official description, “busting through obstacles and stacking up combos as you battle towards the next boss.”

A console release is currently listed as “TBD.” You can wishlist Thrasher on Steam.

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